56 Ocean Yacht
Super Sport
Ice Chipper

Eskimo Ice 600 lbs of freshwater ice a day

Eskimo fresh water ice maker

The Eskimo Ice 600 Ice Pump is built to meet the most demanding needs of today's modern yachts and sport fishermen. The 600, designed to be installed in the engine compartment is raw water-cooled. A steady, continuous supply of ice is produced and pumped from the engine compartment to almost any desired location; fish box, drink box or coolers.

The EI 600 is fabricated with an aluminum frame, base plate, and control box. The parts are spray painted with a two layer primer system followed by a top coat of white two part polyurethane to give them lasting protection.

Crushed ice, the type preferred by commercial fishermen, cools quicker and packs better. Your catch returns dockside in the finest “sushi” condition every time.

Never wait to buy ice again. Your boat is iced down and ready to go at the flip of a switch.

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